Faeria Monthly Cup

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(Monthly Cup X takes place Saturday, May 6th at 16:00 CEST)

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Each Month

32 of the finest Faeria players will compete for $3,000!

The Faeria Monthly Cup is the first part of our upcoming circuit and has been created to be a monthly reccuring event that will allow every Faeria players to compete against the best.

Earn your place in the finals by climbing the highest ranks of the Faeria ladder, competing in the open bracket qualifiers, or by winning the popular vote! The winner will take $1,500 home, the second will take $1,000 and the third will take $500.

Invited Guests

Each month, four worthy guests will be invited to the finals!

Faeria Monthly Cup 1st Guest
Faeria Monthly Cup 2nd Guest
Faeria Monthly Cup 3rd Guest
Faeria Monthly Cup 4th Guest

Highest Ranked Players

Rank among top 10 gods in order to receive a direct invite to the finals!

The highest ranks of the Faeria ladder are rife with brilliant commanders. Fight your way to the top of the pile to prove you are worthy to compete with the best of the best.

Be warned, reaching the top ten is no small feat. Do you have what it takes?

  • #1 Teddy 1902
  • #2 Modgnik 1865
  • #3 Smurfnik 1864
  • #4 hunter 1829
  • #5 ranma 1825
  • #6 littlenooby 1820
  • #7 Swatblues 1811
  • #8 Sweety 1810
  • #9 Luuu 1802
  • #10 PPM 1801
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Community's Favorites

Gather community votes to enter the top 2 of the most voted players to receive a direct invite to the finals!

  • #1 Lirico 56 votes
  • #2 DeathDozer 36 votes
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Open Qualifiers

Earn your place in the Grand Finale by securing your place in one of 16 open bracket qualifier slot


128 Slots Apr 22nd Register now

Inscriptions close Apr 22 at 06:00 pm


128 Slots Apr 29th Register now

Registrations close Apr 29 at 06:00 pm

Faeria Friday: A single reason

Announcements | 04/21/2017

Let's talk a bit about why we introduced Single Player Pandora, and announce a couple slight changes to the Monthly Cup.